FonPrompt FREE

FonPrompt FREE is based on the same code as the PRO Version. It only shows Banner Advertisements on two pages in the App.

FonPrompt FREE is a Trial Version for FonPrompt. FonPrompt FREE will function 2 weeks. After two weeks, please upgrade to FonPrompt PRO

Installation Requirements

FonPrompt FREE requires the following:


If upgrading from a 1.x Version, please install the new Version of the Windows Program FonPrompt4PPT(.exe)
  1. Download to Computer
  2. Unpack the File locally (e.g. c:\temp\FonPromptInstall)
  3. Execute setup.exe
  4. Install the FonPrompt Android App to the Android Device (available on Google Play)

Using FonPrompt

Below are usage instructions. There is also a Video available.

On the Computer

  1. Start FonPrompt4PPT.exe
  2. A File Open Dialog will show up
  3. Select the desired PowerPoint File
  4. PowerPoint will start and a Slide with a QR Code will appear

On the Android Device

  1. Start the FonPrompt App
  2. Touch "Start Pairing"
  3. A QR Code Scanner will appear
  4. Scan the QR Code
  5. Use HW Volume Control for back and forward, or
    Touch the Slide Title on the Screen