Privacy and FonPrompt

Thank you for using FonPrompt. I know Privacy is important, so I would like to to provide the following Information about Privacy and Security in FonPrompt. As I am a German Citizen, I follow the German regulations on privacy called Datenschutzgesetzes (BDSG) des Telemediengesetzes (TMG) and others.

Operations and Hosting of FonPrompt is provided by LCube Webhosting. LCube is a German company and therefore LCube has to follow German Regulations on Privacy and Security.

Communication in FonPrompt is executed over the infrastructure. Therefore, some access data is collected in Log Files. Those Log Files can only be accessed by me. They are saved on a regular basis and kept for the purpose of troubleshooting, performance and load forecasts. Any data collected will not be matched with personal data from users.

When using FonPrompt 2.0 or higher, any User Data (Slide Titles and Notes) is transmitted crypted using AES256. FonPrompt4PPT generates the key and the key will be part of the QR Code. It is only possible to decrypt the transmitted Titles and Notes after scanning the QR Code.

Google Play

Google Play is used for Deployment of FonPrompt. See Google Play Privacy Information

Depending on how Google Play is used, Google collects personal data. Some Data is provided to developers. I will save that data conforming to general German book-keeping regulations.


Two pages of the Free FonPrompt App show Banner Advertisements from Admob. Admob may collect personal data from users. See for details.