FonPrompt PRO

FonPrompt PRO does not show any Advertisements. It provides the same features as Fon

Any Data leaving the Laptop is Crypted AES256. The Key to encrypt the Data is Part of the QR Code, only an Android Device with visual contact to the Presentation is able to decrypt this data.

Installation Requirements

FonPrompt PRO requires the following:


  1. Download to Computer
  2. Unpack the File locally (e.g. c:\temp\FonPromptInstall)
  3. Execute setup.exe
  4. Install the FonPrompt PRO Android App to the Android Device (available on Google Play)

Using FonPrompt

Below are usage instructions. There is also a Video available.

On the Computer

  1. Start FonPrompt4PPT.exe
  2. A File Open Dialog will show up
  3. Select the desired PowerPoint File
  4. PowerPoint will start and a Slide with a QR Code will appear

On the Android Device

  1. Start the FonPrompt App
  2. Touch "Start Pairing"
  3. A QR Code Scanner will appear
  4. Scan the QR Code
  5. Use HW Volume Control for back and forward, or
    Touch the Slide Title on the Screen