Support for FonPrompt is currently available over eMail. Please contact

Please provide the following Information:

  1. Version of FonPrompt used, PRO or FREE
  2. A Log File of FonPrompt with the issue (see below on how to create a Log)
  3. If possible, the PowerPoint File that creates the error
  4. Date and Time when the error occurred
  5. If the error was noticeable on the Android Device, please follow the Android Procedure for "Sending in Error Reports".

Enabling Logging

Please follow the following steps in order to create a Log File of the Error:

  1. Save log4net(.xml) to c:\temp\logs\fonprompt\ on your Windows Computer (Windows may hide the .xml Extension)
  2. (Re)Start FonPrompt and reproduce the Issue
  3. FonPrompt will create Log File debug-log(.txt) in c:\temp\logs\fonprompt\ (Windows may hide the .txt Extension)